Understanding What is (ORM) Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management (ORM)
ORM is about monitoring and improving how your business is viewed online.

which means how your online presense is discovered by

Potential Customers
Your People

Imp:- Is your online presense is working for you or against you?

How Can You check your online reputation?



Google Your Business
Your People
Your Product

Important things to be considered in search

Are you in the first five listing
Are the links you’re seeing positive
Check your GMB listing.
is the GMB’s information is accurate?

Check your brand’s social channels

how many followers do you have?
when was the last time you posted?
Do you respond to comment?
How about messages?
what’s the average response time?
Imp: Does what you’re posting represent and reflect your brand.

Check what’s being said on social.
search your hashtag, location and brand name.

are people talking about you and your business ? if so, is it positive commentry? if there are negative mentions, are others hopping on board or do your social fans come to your defense?

Reviews play 50% important role in ORM

Check out your google reviews. Do you have any? How many stars do you have?
Are you responding to reviews?

Check out your facebook reviews. Are customers leaving reviews on your facebook page? is your team responding to them?

Check out other review sites like Glassdoor.

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