SEO Updates December 2022

SEO Updates December 2022

Here on Ask Shashank Sir we cover last month news all over comes from SEO world, this is our SEO Last Month November 2022 edition. If we missed any major updates let us know in the comment.

SEO Updates December 2022

1 November 2022

  • Google added google Lens icon on its home page
  • Google launched several SERP features for deals,offers and coupons

3 November 2022

  • Youtube launched “Go Live Together Feature”

9 November 2022

  • Google ads launched Target frequency Type ads

15 November 2022

  • GA4 launched “7 days unnotified users”
  • Microsoft Audience Network will now have video ads

16 November 2022

  • Google Search Console announced Shopping Tab Listing

17 November 2022

  • Google launched feature of searching dishes from nearby restaurants.

21 November 2022

  • Google published list of its ranking signals
  • META launched new privacy policy defaults for minor users

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